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We are a young company striving for greatness since 2014. We are eager to acquire and eager for growth. We are growing our portfolio of holdings and management services and are looking to scale our portfolio into different markets within Pennsylvania and surrounding states.To ensure that every property that is kept within our care is properly managed, our in-house team focuses to deliver excellent services and affordability to our tenants. 

As a Real Estate Management company, we are going to be both proactive and reactive when dealing with our issues as it relates to our tenants. We are always going to be compliant with state and local code. We will leverage ourselves to ensure all of our tenants comforts are met and considered.



                                                                                                                                    Saverio P. Nestico


To speak to someone about our available units please contact 267-606-6643 ext. 1; 2 or by email


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If you are an existing tenant and need to pay your rent, do so below.


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